Half way through my 21 DSD!

I had a rough couple of days during days 3 and 4.  I pretty much had a headache both days and ended up taking an Advil day 4.  I’ve been somewhat tired and a bit snippy as well.  The book did warn that I would have carb flu at this time and I have, indeed felt a bit flu-ish.  I am pretty confident that my body went through a period of rebelling against me because I was denying it sugar and junk.  I am also, probably, cutting my caloric intake in half.  I am not tracking calorie intake, but I have to be pretty severely cutting back, because I am averaging about ½ a pound of weight loss per day. I know that isn’t “healthy” in the long run, but I also know that rapid early weight loss is pretty typical in people identified as obese. I won’t sustain the rapid weight loss for long, but my body does have to adjust to the healthy version of eating. The book I am following does suggest that as the sugar cravings subside food will taste different.  My taste buds will change.  I am looking forward to that day, because right now I am just not feeling food.

This week has been much better.  I write this as I wrap up day #11.  I have found my stride and started working a way to get more veggies in.  I do…not…like…to cook for myself.  I enjoy cooking, but if I cook it I seem to not like to eat it. I have had Qdoba two days this week because I can get lettuce, meat, avocado, pico, and several other goodies on top.  This immensely satisfies my needs while staying within the 21DSD requirements.  Pico de Gallo is my savior!!! I am actually using it as my salad dressing!  Also, today we went to the Tiger’s game and I bravely ordered a cheeseburger, no bun, with an egg and bacon on top.  It was VERY good!

At this point I really seem to be finding my stride. I have a “go to” breakfast and I have been eating chili for lunch, then having a varied dinner. I am not feeling an urge to seek out sugar and have adapted to not having crackers, bread, or chips. I anticipate that the next 10 days will focus on building good habits and continuing to address my desire to seek the less than healthy choices. Fingers crossed that the next 10 days go smoothly!


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