One year later…I’m back!

So…it has been almost exactly one year since I posted anything on this page.  I am picking up the keyboard again to document my 21 day sugar detox (21DSD) journey (see the books by Diane Sanfilippo).  I think that I am finally ready to work on slaying the sugar dragon that holds me hostage.  I may finally be in the right mindset to do it! As I write this post I am wrapping up day two of the program.  Tony (the husband) and I are going to do this together.  I did a lot of cooking, prepping , and shopping to prepare for Monday!  Here we go!

You might ask how things are going at this point.  I would answer that things are going pretty smoothly for day 2.  The problem is that I hate healthy food.  I would much prefer a big mac or pizza.  I am not a big veggie fan either.  Meat and veggies are the primary focus of this diet.  No grains, no fruits, no bad foods basically.  The point of this program is to help a person overcome his/her sugar cravings in 21 days.  This is simple and easy for Tony, he cooks his breakfast and lunch and follow a pretty good paleo diet already.  His problem is that he has gotten into a diet drink/ice cream rut…those are about the only two things he has to change! I, on the other hand, have to completely give up everything I love….sweets, carbs, fast food, sweets.  Get the picture?

For day one I had a faux oatmeal for breakfast, a faux scone for lunch, carrots and avocado dip for a snack, and halibut for dinner.  (fyi..that will be the only time we have halibut, I didn’t realize how expensive it is). I had a little bit of a headache in the evening, but other than that all was well.  For day 2 I had a mushroom/green onion frittata for breakfast, turkey sandwich meat, swiss cheese, carrots/peas, and some faux crackers for lunch, artichoke and capers chicken thighs with carrots/peas for dinner, then an avocado “pudding” for dessert.  Overall it wasn’t too bad, but I have been a little nauseous this evening.  I think, like any good addict, I am going through some withdrawals! Along with modifying my eating I have made it to the gym both days and hope to go all five days this week.  Basically I go and walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill.  Getting active!

I am a bit apprehensive about making it 21 days and I really don’t want to fail, but all I can think about right now is a chocolate chip cookie!

Two days down, 19 to go!


One thought on “One year later…I’m back!

  1. Keep going! I know how hard it is…you know with my multiple whole 30’s that never quite made it to 30! Lol! You can doooooooooooo eeeeet!

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