Have…you…missed…me? :)

Greetings all!

So…..it looks like I have been avoiding you all. I have! I have also been avoiding myself! I fell off of my self-imposed wagon after the Disney trip at the end of February. It seemed like once I blew my eating routine I really blew it to hell! No more vacations…ever! (yeah right). I have fallen back into some of my old eating ways and lo and behold I gained back the 10 pounds that I worked so hard to get off with eating! I have stuck to my no-creamer guns though! I am now starting to enjoy my coffee with milk only! It isn’t too bad! However, that isn’t helping me with weight loss or getting control of my eating. This sucks! I gotta get it together man!!

Some changes have taken place over the last several months though, so all hope is not lost. In June I signed on to hike trailparticipate in a 13 mile hike to raise awareness and funds for the Cystic Fibrosis foundation. ((Link for my fundraiser page)) Yep…you read that right 13 miles….in the woods….in one day! Oh geeze…what have I gotten myself into? I have started “training” for the event by increasing my steps and walking distances. This past Sunday I completed a 4.25 mile hike in the woods. It was hard work and I hurt all day Monday, but I did it! I am slowly building up my distance and hope to get at least 5 to 6 miles in this coming weekend.

Not only have I gotten on the hiking trails, but I have bitten the bullet and gotten myself a personal trainer! She has started getting on me about my “empty calories” and junk food habits. She is also helping me to start building up some of my endurance and loosen up muscles that have long been forgotten. I have to keep reminding her that the last time I worked out was in like the early 2000’s! I am supposed to be stretching ever day and doing crazy things like lunges and such. I have got to get on that! No pain no gain (or loss in my case)!!!! I have said it before and I will say it again…habits take time to make and time to break! This is a slow, painful process, but I hope to be able to do my 13 mile hike without dying!

I really want to change and change takes time. Patience is a virtue. Wish me luck and stay tuned….I am working on catching up with the earlier mentioned wagon and trying to hop back on!


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