Has anyone seen my priorities?

With my head hanging low I return to you all. It has been a while, but it is now time for me to confess and work toward rebuilding the momentum that I had going in January and February. All I can say is…..never take a vacation. Literally. At the end of February my family went to Disney World in Florida and I haven’t been on track since.


I blame it all on the scales. If I were a health minded person I would realize that I cannot blame an inanimate object, but hey….a girl has to blame something for the smashing failure. We had a good time visiting the parks. My pedometer stated that we walked approximately 10 miles each day….no kidding! That is probably an underestimate too, because I pushed the stroller a lot and the pedometer doesn’t always pick up steps when you are pushing something. TEN MILES A DAY! Did you hear me? Also, I worked to try and be diligent with my eating. Our first big meal….salmon and fruit. Does it get much healthier than that? Now, I know that I didn’t eat the best in the world, but I know that I ate a lot better than I did before I started my weight loss plans in January. I would have been eating junk and candy and chocolate the whole week if I wasn’t being careful. My first mistake was that I didn’t use my MyFitnessPal app while I was there. I was probably consuming more than the 2200 calories I have set for myself, but I know that I wasn’t maxing out at the 4000 and 5000 that I have been guilty of consuming in the past. Have you ever set eyes on the pastries in Italy (at Epcot)? Yep…they look divine…..I passed!

I was riding high on my proudness until I got home. 10 miles of walking a day and restraint in eating…..I SHOULD be a few pounds lighter…..right? Absolutely not! I had put on two pounds of the weight that I had worked so hard to peel off. I should have had the pastry! This was a very discouraging moment. Now….many of you are thinking I am crazy. Don’t I know that weight fluctuates? Yep…I do. Don’t I know that the scale shouldn’t dictate my life? Yep…I do. Don’t I know that I should throw the scale out and not use it at all? Yep….I do. But I am not listening to rational thought right now. I caved. I crashed. I have fallen hard.

So…..for the last month I have been slowly reverting back to my old ways. I am eating all of the things that I had worked to eliminate from my diet. I am once again eating the junk and minimizing the impact. To make matters worse…I have been sick, the kids have been sick, the whole dang house has been sick for the past 3 weeks. At one point I couldn’t speak….at all! Not good. What does this have to do with anything you might ask. Well….between myself being sick and sleep deprivation from the kids being sick I haven’t been walking. No trips to the walking track at the gym and no walks around the neighborhood. So….in addition to crappy eating (my husband is on a donut run right now) and no exercise I am right back where I started!

I KNOW what I need to do, but I’m not doing it. I need to find my mental Buddha again. I have to fund my priorities again, pick them up, glue them back together, and start all over.


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