And then the resolve dissolves!  Bad day today! I am reminded that I like food….not good food a lot of the time. I think this slip actually is the result of a realization Monday night. On my way home I was reflecting on the past month and the success I feel like I have had.  I know that I am patting myself on the back a little too soon, but I have spent more days than not this month with my eating reigned in.  Last night was like a slap on the face.  I realized that the way I’ve been eating the last month is the new way of eating. I had something of a pity party for myself on the way home from work.  I like food.  I really like food and the thought of not being able to enjoy the things I like caused a moment of regret that I have chosen this path.

I think that last nights reflections have led to today’s nose dive into food naughtiness!  I started off the day well, but crashed after lunch! Yep…two rounds of reeses pb cup mini’s after lunch.  Then I just polished off a large sum of cookies.  GRRRRR! I have been doing so good, then this.  People will say that you need to splurge every once of a while and I am sure many would have encouraging words that a one day slip isn’t the end of success….yep I know.  Thank you for the standard line.  That isn’t the issue.  I KNOW that a one day mess up isn’t going to screw me up.  That isn’t the point.  The point is that I still don’t have a handle on my impulses. That is going to take time. I can still be disappointed in my self.  I’m not going to wallow in self pity, but I know that I still need to work on things.

Today was not a success. Tomorrow will be better.


One thought on “One…day…at..a…time!

  1. Call or txt me next time! Jason has helped to talk me down off the dominos and burger king ledge more than once! It helps to have someone else to keep you accountable! It’s hard work! I also struggle with the realization that the days of eating whatever are gone!


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