It’s my Birthday and I’ll…….

eat if I want to! Yesterday (Jan 24th) was my birthday! Just what every girl wants…to get another year older! I had been anticipating this day ever since I had my “get rid of the fat” moment early this month.  I knew this was one going to be a difficult day for me….I like cake! Since starting the whole MFP thing I have been anxiously awaiting Jan 24 and wondering how I was going to handle the caloric indiscretion that was evident. I had resolved myself to the fact that I would definitely be going over the 2100 calories that MFP says I am allowed to have, the question was how I would resolve this salacious behavior in my mind.  Now many, many years ago a man named Sigmund Freud proposed a series of defense mechanisms.  Freud said that our mind has a way of keeping us from experiencing unnecessary anxieties.  Two of these defense mechanisms are denial and rationalization…..yep, those came from that naughty guy, Freud. I digress.  So, for my birthday I could basically choose denial and pretend that I didn’t go on an eating spree of mass proportions.  Or I could utilize rationalization….it is my Birthday! I should be allowed….right? Well, there is no denying that I went over my calorie count, by way of midnight pizza, early morning donuts, and TWO, not one but two, pieces of decadent chocolate cake!

I opted to not deny what I have done……obviously I am telling all of you! One might say that I have rationalized.  It is my Birthday. But, the catch is that I am working toward accepting that I can’t rationalize every instance of indiscretion.  I can’t say…hey it is_______________ (valentines day, groundhog day, Saturday, you fill in the blank) so I can eat whatever I want.  I do, however, think that one should have cheat days if one has been “good” for a while.  I have been pretty good since the first of the year!  I have lost about 8lbs. YAY me! I think that is reason enough to get one stress free food day.  When I was in college I had chocolate Saturday if I didn’t have any sweets during the week…you heard me right  All the chocolate I wanted on Saturday if I stayed away from sweet treats all week.

So…I had a wonderful birthday.  I had my caloric intake planned for Friday evening (we ate at Cracker Barrel) and after midnight I went willy nilly with the food.  I had a 1am pizza with my Sister-in-law after a much enjoyed rendezvous with some slot machines. Maybe a few glasses of wine. Then….a couple of VERY yummy donuts for breakfast on my birthday and after lunch TWO pieces of cake. I skipped the ice cream.  Today I am back on the road to fat annihilation.  I feel that I did pretty good yesterday and I am not feeling like I have to shove a massive amount of sweets in my face today! I think this is going to work! I hope everyone else has had a good weekend!


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