Wine or Chocolate?

Thank you to those to took time to stop by and read my post yesterday.  Also, thank you for the encouraging words on Facebook.  I am under no illusion that this process is going to be simple or that I am going to like it.  I was thinking about what I wanted to write about next on here last night.  I could rant about how hard it is to get water at McD or how awkward it feels to be one of the only fat people at the gym, or maybe just how scared I am that if I do lose the weight then I am going to have one of those ugly flab’s of skin that just hangs around my tummy…..all wonderful rants that I will get to!

I actually stumbled across a dilemma last night of mass proportions! At the end of the day I found myself with some left over calories (per MFP – my new way to reference My Fitness Pal).  But there was only enough for one small indulgence.  Hence the title of this entry.  What do I have….a glass of heart healthy red wine or an 11 piece serving of mini reeses peanut butter cups? One does not understand the dilemma here if one has never binged on both….at the SAME time! It truly is a good combination! Now MFP told me that, based on calorie consumption and exercise for the day, that I had approximately 200 calories to “use.” A glass of wine, not a bottle, is approximately 130 calories and 11 pieces, a serving size, of the pb cups are 200 calories. A true conundrum in my book! At the end of the day I went for the wine.  I am trying to have a glass of red wine each day if my caloric intake allows for it.  Plus….I wanted to stay within my sugar range and the mini reeses cups would have blown that out of the water!

CHOICES! That’s what this whole thing is going to be about.  If I want to make changes in my life…I have to make choices instead of indulgences.  Decisions instead of rationalizations. That’s the bottom line.  I get a lot of flack from Tony (my husband) about focusing too much on the calories. (he says calorie numbers aren’t that important…it is what you eat) This coming from the guy who transitioned to a paleo eating approach and lost about 25lbs over night! Sometimes I don’t like him 🙂 I think, for me, it won’t be so much about the CALORIES, but about the decisions on how I choose to get the calories.  I am a notorious sugar, junk food, poor food choice person.  That is what has to change.

Well…I guess that is enough for this morning! Until next time!


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